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Some notable lines from Hetalia

  • Romano:

    Oh, thanks a million. Next time why don't you just tap me on the chest with a spatula!

  • Spain:

    At least put on a pull-up or something first.

  • England:

    Damn you, stupid Macaroni Brothers!

  • France:

    He sleeps like a baby and I'm up all night terrified that Germany's going to crawl in my bed and try to love me.

  • Howard the Spy:

    A thrashing for free? That sounds jolly!

  • France:

    What am I going to do? I'm French, I'm definitely going to hell!

  • Narrator:

    Flash forward to when we partied like it was 1999, because it was.

  • Italy:

    It's Normal Germany drinking with Happy Christmas Time Germany!

  • Romano:

    That stuff smells like France's sack.

  • Prussia:

    I gotta take a piss like nobody's business.

  • Hungary:

    I don't need help from a turd-sicle.

  • Spain:

    I guess even the turtles like to worship me as their supreme leader.

  • Chibi!England:

    I'm not giving up on my super quaff yet.

  • Narrator:

    Serious codpiece.

  • Netherlands:

    I won't eat waffles with Spain.

  • Spain:

    And that guy across the ocean looks unstable and diabetic.

  • Spain's bull:


  • England:

    I'm so hot, I can kiss myself

  • America:

    Dude check it out, I even smell like a hero!

  • Canada:

    I see! If my face doesn't work then I'll use another part of my body!

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